FLOSS GLOSS Collaborates with Rap Goddess Gangsta Boo


I was with polish company FLOSS GLOSS from the get go. The first time I saw their line it had just launched. It boasted a collection of off the wall colors with sardonic names like Brit Brit 2000 and Neon Nacho poured into luxurious little vintage inspired bottles. It was truly love at first…


riverside MF

so, this is nate mcghee. very much #IN2IT and happy i was his first interview! check out his full interview and photo diary in issue #1 of The Isis Nicole Magazine 

one of my favorite interviews to date with the kid jacoboospina featured in issue #1 of theisisnicolemag available »here«
#LILIK on the cover of  @ISISNICOLEMAG  #WINTER #BB #CUFF #goodassINtro #zine
Producer Nate McGhee with a copy of theisisnicolemag! #turnerstea 
@britneytokyo with the winter issue of @isisnicolemag 
@isisnicolemag XXX #OATW #interviews #zine

The Holy Nail: Nail Art Pop Quiz


Okay lovelies: It’s officially time to dish. Serve me up some truth. I want to hear what you’ve got to say so I’ve created a mini quiz to learn more about all of you. Make sure to hashtag #The Holy Nail Quiz so I can see what your answers are! Stay tuned for my answers! Here’s to getting to know…

for november


- finish letter from the editor

- print two more cameras

- launch the isis nicole magazine 


Photography by @BritneyTOKYO for The Isis Nicole Magazine- issue one.

Photography by Brooklyn’s own, @ChooseLogoism, for The Isis Nicole Magazine- issue one.